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This is the Oz-IA/2006 Conference website.
You might want to visit the Oz-IA/2007 Conferenece website.


Oz-IA Conference & Retreat

September 30th & October 1st, Sydney, Australia

On the last weekend of September 2006 there will be a conference/retreat on information architecture in Sydney, Australia. We have a packed schedule featuring international and local speakers, you'll get to engage with panels, and participate in group sessions. And of course, there's the opportunity to catch up with your peers, network your way to new contacts, and have a good time.

Why an Australian conference for IA?

There has been ongoing demand for Information Architects in the Australian web industry, a demand which hasn’t let up, while at the same time there is scant support for professional development and community development.

Although there has been demand for Information Architects, there are few of us here, and most of us don’t get the opportunity to work with, and learn from, our peers.

While some of us have been lucky enough to travel to the various international conferences or attend the occasional workshop, we've pretty much learned “on the job”, from books, and from participating in internet forums. The latter means are not entirely satisfying.

This conference/retreat seeks to address these needs.

Also, if you live “Down Under”, it’s a lot easier to get to Sydney than the U.S. or Canada or Europe.

“Sharing our practice”

We want to continue building and sharing the practice of information architecture in Australia and this is our forum to come together and discuss and learn.

Who should come along? Practitioners, information architects and other people involved in structuring information for electronic media. And we want to see you!

What next?

While we've already locked in some great speakers, we are wooing more. Also, the programme is yet to be finalised and we'll be asking for some suggestions. We'll also be offering a few prizes and give aways.

So, stay tuned for more news. You can subscribe to the RSS or Atom news feeds, or sign up for email announcements.

We'd also appreciate getting the news out about this conference/retreat. Please write about this on your blog using the tag 'ozia2006', tell a friend or two, and generally spread the news. The more the merrier.